"THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF CHAD, MATT & ROB" (Trailer). Sold to Comedy Central. Based on the CHAD, MATT & ROB online shorts. Over 100,000,000 combined views and 140,000 YouTube subscribers.

"THE STATIC" (Sizzle Reel). Developed with Blumhouse & Flame Ventures. Sold to NBC. Episode scripts available.

"TRANSMISSION" (Pitch Trailer). Developed for television. Series pitch available.

"10/31/98" (Trailer). For full-length feature based on the Radio Silence segment from the original V/H/S.

"10/31/98" Segment of V/H/S. Premiered at Sundance 2012 and was released theatrically by Magnolia.

FEAR: THE LOST TAPES (Sizzle Reel). Developed with Beau Flynn for Paramount.