"V/H/S is a sharp rebuke to laziness, delivering the creepiest first-person horror movie since the original PARANORMAL ACTIVITY while pushing the genre in a fresh direction with the sheer visceral energy of its execution. The camera never sits still and neither will nail-biting audiences as they endure the heightened uneasiness created by this marvelously frantic accomplishment. GRADE: A."


"Fucking nuts. It goes over the moon weird and is the perfect adrenaline punch you need to get you out of an anthology."


"Scrappy and unsettling, V/H/S puts the majority of today’s mainstream 'scary' movies to shame."

Sara Stewart, NEW YORK POST

"V/H/S is scary in a way that very few horror films ever achieve. An incredibly fun ride for horror fans."


"A great case study in how to make a lot out of a small effects budget, V/H/S brings some cohesion to the Wild West of indie horror filmmaking and seems destined to become a key artifact of a DIY era."

Scott Tobias, AV CLUB

"An ingenious hybrid: part Godardian art film, part abstract video experiment, part sleazy shocker, and all self-castigating interrogation of what film-theory types call the 'male gaze.'"

Andrew O’Hehir, SALON

"Genuinely unnerving. The point-of-view camerawork is, at times, startling."

Bruce Diones, NEW YORKER

"Inventive chills."

Elizabeth Weitzman, DAILY NEWS

"A low-budget horror anthology with segments both ghastly and moronic…this compendium of creepitude embraces (and sometimes simulates) the idiosyncrasies of analog recording with varying degrees of skill and creativity."

Jeannette Catsoulis, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Good old-fashioned, armrest-clutching fun."

Eric Snider, FILM.COM

"A solid and entertaining anthology film."

Felix Vasquez Jr., CINEMA CRAZED

"Smart, scary stuff."

Peter Bradshaw, GUARDIAN